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    Komerční banka (CZ)

    Czech Republic,
    Société Générale group

    • FM and cleaning services for Prague and the South Bohemia region
    • OKIN already provided services for South Moravia
    • Cooperation with OKIN Facility started from 1st October 2015
    • Contract duration is set for 3 years with the option to extend the agreed terms for a further period
    • The network includes more than 150 branches
    • The total serviced area is 120 000 m²
    • OKIN’s current client Komerční banka issued a tender for a new FM & cleaning services provider due to the expiration of their old contract.
    • There were a few main reasons for OKIN‘s success in the tender:
      • Long term relationship with KB on all levels
      • Excellence in service delivery
      • OKIN’s ability to offer specially tailored solutions that exactly meet client‘s expectations in terms of organizational structure, management model, etc.
      • OKIN Facility offered the most innovative solutions compared to other participants
    • Technical maintenance of buildings
    • Mandatory checks (revisions)
    • Assets supervision and technical administration
    • EH&S services
    • Other administrative support applicable to the banking sector
      • Exterior cleaning
      • Interior cleaning
      • Delivery and refill of sanitary material
    Mondelez (BG)
    • Two manufacturing plants – coffee and chocolate
    • 800 employees
    • 30.000 sq. m
    • Cooperation with OKIN Facility started in Feb. 2010
    • Small contract for cleaning services of the coffee plant was extended and currently we have IFM contract with an expiration date in 2017
    • Quality evaluation is assured by SLAs & KPIs
    • Mondelez had a number of suppliers for various FM services (approx. 30) + self-employed personnel
    • Too many people were allocated to managing all FM-related services
    • Over time introduction of new services (with financial benefit to the client)
    • OKIN introduced IFM scope in Mondelez factories in BG
    • Based on the IFM solution, Mondelez reduced the number of responsible people on their side
    • Technical management of buildings and equipment
    • Security Services
    • Landscaping and greenery care
    • Waste management
    • Laundry services
    • Catering services – as of Aug ‘15
    • Emergency service, mobile maintenance 24/7
    • Interior and exterior cleaning
    • Snow removal / winter service
    • Pest control
    • Occupational health and safety, fire protection
    • Internal mail service – as of Aug. ‘15
    Stop Shop (SK)

    IMMOFINANZ Services Slovensko, s.r.o.

    • Retail / Commercial parks
    • 6 Stop Shop locations
    • 31 942 sq. m of leasable area
    • 55 605 sq. m of parking area and greenery
    • Cooperation with OKIN FACILITY started on 1.1.2013
    • Contract is for 3 years with the option to extend the agreed terms for a further period
    • Quality evaluation is assured by SLA
    • No requirements for existing inventory system
    • No existing system for recording equipment and devices of individual properties
    • OKIN introduced integrated FM scope
    • OKIN provided successful consulting in the area of treatment of greenery
    • OKIN introduced PSI, Help Desk
    • Extending the number of properties after tender in 2015
    • Landscaping and greenery care
    • Technical management of buildings and equipment
    • Energy management, remote consumption monitoring
    • Waste management, environmental services
    • Occupational health and safety, fire protection
    • Interior and exterior cleaning
    • Snow removal / winter service
    • Emergency service, mobile maintenance 24/7
    • Security services including remote dispatching connection
    Office Depot
    Philip Morris
    Leading financial institution (PL)
    • Worldwide leading company in banking segment
    • International contract through ECS and CBRE
    • Comprehensive cleaning, daily service, greenery services.
    • 4 offices in Wroclaw & 1 in Warsaw
    • Over 2000 employees
    • 35.000 sq. m
    • Cooperation with OKIN FACILITY started from 1st of January 2015
    • 55 of OKIN’s employees
    • Client was not aware of current practices of FM upmarket companies
    • Each of their 5 offices managed separately with no interactions & synergies
    • Unsatisfactory service delivery level
    • Local service provider with poor cleaning processes
    • Incorrect labor contracts avoiding statutory deductions
    • Lack of project leadership
    • Presentation of service solution applying OKIN‘s standards and merging them with required procedures
    • Deep analysis of all activities
    • Building project organization structure and communication model ensuring correct management practices
    • Project transition and process application
    • Measuring every single activity
    • Comprehensive management for all sites
    • Lowering total number of FTE enabling salaries to increase for cleaning personal
    • Motivation and productivity increase for the following services:
      • Office cleaning
      • Daily service
      • Window cleaning and deep cleaning
      • Confidential and non- confidential waste management
      • Greenery services
      • Additional technical maintenance of some devices